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ATM wire harness for the convenient assistance of ATM


ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a highly sophisticated mechatronic device that uses a magnetic code card or smart card to self-service financial transactions to replace the work of bank counter personnel. You can withdraw cash, check deposit balances, perform fund transfer between accounts, balance inquiries, etc. You can also perform cash deposits (real-time crediting), check deposits (domestic-free), passbooks, and intermediary services. Cardholders can use credit cards or savings cards to handle automatic withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfers, cash deposits, passbooks, buy funds, change passwords, and pay for mobile phone calls. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, the services provided by ATM are becoming more and more complete.

ATM can bring great convenience to people's daily life. It can be seen as Taipower and + dedicated software + dedicated peripherals. It is entirely the bank's own transmission data transmission line, and there are safes and other components inside. Users can connect to the bank server on any ATM to check their accounts or other related operations. When you need some cash, just go to the ATM, insert the card into the reader, and follow the on-screen instructions. In just a minute or two, you can take the money and the transaction slip to leave. Today ATMs are everywhere in most supermarkets, convenience stores and tourist attractions. Trading accounts via ATM is a quick and convenient way.

While everyone enjoys the convenience that ATM brings to our daily lives, how many people have thought about the importance of ATM's important electronic components - ATM harnesses? Professional ATM harness processing factory Dongguan Hao Zhi Electronics Liu engineers have a lot of insights on ATMs, self-service machines that provide financial transactions. He said that ATM is a data transmission technology and is a kind of packet switching and utilization technology based on cells, and is a universal connection-oriented transmission mode designed for multiple services. It is suitable for LAN and WAN, it has high-speed data transmission rate and supports many types of communication such as voice, data, fax, real-time video, CD-quality audio and images. In this process, the ATM harness plays an extremely important role. Once there is any bad contact on the ATM harness, a short circuit or other status occurs, the ATM will immediately stop using and can no longer conduct account transactions through the adjusted data transmission. Engineer Liu said that in order to provide the best quality service to customers, when developing ATMs, it is imperative to choose high-quality ATM harnesses to enable ATMs to provide customers with better financial services faster and better.

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