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The difference between flame-retardant cable and fire-resistant cable


The flame-retardant cable is a cable whose sample is burned under the specified test conditions. After the test fire source is removed, the flame spreads only within a limited range. The residual flame or residual light can self-extinguish within a limited time. The fundamental characteristic is that in the event of a fire, it may be burned out and cannot be operated, but it can prevent the spread of fire. In layman's terms, in the event of a fire, the wires can be limited to localized areas without any contagion, keeping other equipment in place and avoiding greater losses.

A fire-resistant cable is a cable that can operate safely for a certain period of time in the presence of a flame. China's national standard GB12666.6 (such as IEC331) will be fire test A, B two levels: Class A flame temperature 950 ~ 1000 °C, continuous fire time 90 minutes; Class B flame temperature 750 ~ 800 °C, continuous fire time For 90 minutes, during the entire test period, the specimen shall withstand the rated voltage of the product.

Most people can easily confuse the concepts of flame-retardant cables and fire-resistant cables . The main difference between them is:

1, the difference between principles

The principle of fire-resistant cable and flame-retardant cable is different. Halogen-containing cable flame retardant principle is based on the flame retardant effect of halogen, halogen-free cable flame retardant principle is to extinguish the flame by precipitation of water to lower the temperature. Fire-resistant cables rely on the fire-resistant and heat-resistant properties of the mica material in the fire-resistant layer to ensure that the cable is working properly in the event of a fire.

2, the difference between structure and material

The structure and material of the fire-resistant cable is different from that of the flame-retardant cable. The basic components of the fire-retardant cable are:

(1) Flame retardant material for insulation

(2) The flame retardant material is used for the sheath and outer sheath;

(3) Flame retardant materials are used for wrapping and filling.

The fire-resistant cable is usually an additional fire-resistant layer between the conductor and the insulation layer, so theoretically, a flame-retardant layer can be added to the structure of the flame-retardant cable to form a flame-retardant fork fire-resistant cable, but the actual There is no need for this. Because the fire-resistant cable's fireproof layer usually uses a multi-layer mica tape directly wrapped around the wire. It can withstand long-term combustion, even if the polymer at the flame is burned, it can ensure the normal operation of the line.

Although flame-retardant cables have many advantages that are more suitable for chemical companies, such as low-halogen, low-smoke and flame-retardant, in general, fire-resistant cables can replace flame-retardant cables, and flame-retardant cables cannot replace fire-resistant cables. Fire-resistant cables are widely used in places such as high-rise buildings, underground railways, underground streets, large-scale power stations, and important industrial and mining enterprises in areas related to fire safety and fire-fighting, such as fire-fighting equipment and emergency lights, and emergency lines such as power lines and control lines.

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