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What is the difference between the hard wire of the decoration wire and the soft wire?


Recently, the house is going to be renovated, and the building materials market has been turned around. Things don't matter, but there is also a wire and a hard-wired line! Selection difficulties were completely defeated. What should you choose?

1. The difference between soft and hard lines
Hard line is a single strand of relatively thick wire, generally labeled as BV, it is a single strand of copper wire, then compared to multiple strands, the hardness will be greater, mechanical strength, small surface area, so its tensile strength Strong, not easy to oxidation, long service life. Compared with short-circuit current, it is easy to form, so it is better to use hard-wired control cabinet. If it is to protect the pipe, it is much more difficult than the cord, and it is more difficult to make the two ends.
A cord is a kind of wire that consists of multiple strands and is generally labeled as BVR. It is made of multiple strands of copper wire glue. It is softer than BV, and it has a large surface area and is easily oxidized. If the connection is bad, it is easy to blow, and it is not very resistant to short-circuit currents, and it is difficult to maintain a fixed shape. However, its advantages are also obvious. It is easier to wear pipe protection, and the heat dissipation effect is better than hard line. On the price, the cost of the cord will be higher than the hard line.

2, from the price

Multi-stranded cords are obviously labor-intensive, costly, and hard-wired.

3, in the construction analysis

Single-stranded hard-wires are prone to problems at the locations of connectors and crimps; the advantages of single-stranded wires are high mechanical strength and tensile strength.
Multi-stranded cords are better for wearing tubes when worn; in addition, there are certain advantages in heat dissipation.

4, speaking from the use of

Multi-strands have a relatively high ampacity (but they are more tolerant to burst loads), but in general households, the current is basically no more than 100A, and single-stranded can be used.
Single-stranded hard-wires are superior to multi-strand cords in terms of oxidation resistance and service life. In particular, if the use of a long time, then the advantages of single-stock is still more obvious. If some of the copper wire is too thin, it is easily oxidized.

For households, a multi-strand cord is used for the slotted line pipe, and a single-stranded cable is used for the outdoor or construction site.

The soft core's heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, and tensile strength are all advantages. It is easy to break the skin when the tube is pierced with a hard core, and the points and points are in contact with the line.
The anti-oxidation performance of hard-line is good, and it takes a long time. However, if the circuit turns too much during construction, multiple strands (soft wires) are better worn.
Single line and twisted strands are the same square lines with different loads. Hard line, in addition to a flat, 1.5 square used, more than 2.5 square is not easy to install the line, the larger the single stranded line will be more hard, easy to pull the core and sheath, construction more difficult. Flexible cord construction is simple, saving time and effort.
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